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Sagging, bagging eyelids obscure the twinkle in your eyes, making you look sad, tired, and old. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, reverses the wrinkles and folds of aging upper and lower eyelids, possibly also improving your vision.

Blepharoplasty can correct:

  • Drooping upper lids
  • Excess folds around the eyes
  • Fatty deposits in eyelids
  • Under-eye bags
  • Sagging lower lids that show too much of the white under your iris
  • Baggy, wrinkled, lower eyelid skin
  • Vision problems caused by aging or drooping lids
  • Ptosis (stretched upper eyelid muscle)

While blepharoplasty is most common as a rejuvenating procedure, younger men and women are now opting for eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons, too. An expert plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, Dr. Julio Garcia can perform blepharoplasty to create a double eyelid (most common for Asian people who have monolids), or even tighten the corners of your eyes for a more lovely, slanted almond shape.

A Simple, Discreet Procedure

looking for a Vegas plastic surgeon

Blepharoplasty is performed in the office under your choice of local, intravenous or general anesthesia. Dr. Garcia ensures that your incisions are well hidden in the crease of your eyelid for upper-eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty). The incision is hidden just below the lash line in lower-eyelid surgery (lower blepharoplasty). During your procedure, Dr. Garcia may remove excess fat from your eyelids. However, he always leaves enough fat to keep your lids looking fresh and young (removing all the fat is very aging).

If your drooping is caused by lax eye muscles, Dr. Garcia tightens those, too. Your sagging skin is then tightened and sutured into a new position. Excess skin is trimmed away. The end result is a natural rejuvenation without telltale scars. Friends and family will notice you look better and healthier, but unless you’ve shared your secret, they won’t know why.

Rejuvenated Eyes Light Up Your Face

One of the remarkable things about a beautifully performed blepharoplasty is that it does much more than rejuvenate your eyelids and correct droopiness. Our eyes are such an important social signal about our well-being, level of alertness, and the amount of energy we have that when you fix drooping lids and under-eye bags with blepharoplasty, your whole face lights up. You’ll look more interested in the world, better rested, and literally bright-eyed.

The World Opens Up, Too

If your drooping eyelids were obscuring your vision, blepharoplasty can significantly improve your vision. Removing the excess skin and tightening the muscles also alleviates pressure on your eyes. Constantly squinting to see from under your lids can cause eyestrain and headaches. Both of these should improve or completely resolve after blepharoplasty.

Functional problems with your lids are actually considered a medical issue. If you are considering blepharoplasty and have vision problems, contact your insurance provider to see if the blepharoplasty is included in your coverage. If so, you can make an appointment with a ophthalmologist for a visual field test to verify your medical need for blepharoplasty.

Upper, Lower, Both, or More?

looking for a Vegas plastic surgeon

Commonly, men and women opt for both upper and lower blepharoplasty for a total eye rejuvenation. However, Dr. Garcia never recommends more surgery than is necessary. During your consultation, he determines whether you need a double or single procedure.

Sometimes your droopy lids are caused by more than just frail and worn-out eyelid skin or lax eye muscles. If your forehead has succumbed to gravity, too, the weight of sagging skin and muscle on your brow can affect your upper eyelids. During your consultation, Dr. Garcia evaluates your eyes and forehead to determine what factors are causing the upper eyelid droop. If he determines that a sagging forehead is a contributing factor, he may recommend a brow lift in addition to blepharoplasty.

You may also decide to take the opportunity to do a mini lift, full facelift, or other rejuvenating procedures. Multiple surgeries can be performed on the same day to minimize your expense and recovery time.

Mind Your Habits Before Surgery

Stop smoking two weeks before your surgery, and don’t resume until at least two weeks after surgery. Better yet, don’t resume. Plan ahead, get support, and you may be able to turn your eyelid rejuvenation into a chance to improve your overall health by becoming a nonsmoker.

Put a hold on blood-thinning agents, including otherwise helpful herbs such as ginger, garlic, and St. John’s Wort. These are stopped to minimize bleeding during and after your surgery and to hold down possible postoperative swelling. At your blepharoplasty consultation, Dr. Garcia gives you a full list of dietary recommendations to follow.

Arrange for Recovery

Surgery is always a traumatic procedure that requires healing and recovery. Be sure to arrange to take at least a week-long break from work, household chores, and any tasks that involve using your eyes in a strenuous way. You’ll also need someone to pick you up after surgery and help with your normal responsibilities for a few days.

You should expect some swelling, bruising, and possibly irritated and dry eyes. These can be managed with cold compresses and eye ointment that Dr. Garcia gives you. Pain, discomfort and swelling can be ameliorated with simple over-the-counter painkillers.

You may look swollen or bruised for a week or more. Dr. Garcia removes any non-resorbable stitches and checks on your progress after seven days.

Prepare to Look Spectacular

looking for a Vegas plastic surgeon

When you consult with Dr. Garcia, feel free to bring close-up photos of yourself at an earlier age to illustrate the kind of rejuvenation you’d like. Or, if you’re aiming for a more almond-shaped eye, or a double eyelid that looks more Western, he’s happy to examine photos of celebrities or others whose looks inspire you.

You’ll discuss the details of your blepharoplasty procedure and learn about your probable results. He will also review the kinds of preparations you must make for your surgery, plus the complications that could ensue.

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas plastic surgeon to open up your eyes again, Dr. Garcia is happy to meet you for a consultation.


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