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Youth culture, a competitive job market, and a more relaxed attitude toward gender roles may be three factors that help account for a near-explosion in cosmetic surgeries for men. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that male cosmetic procedures jump 28% between 2000 and 2017.And the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

If you’re a guy and you’re starting to wonder if plastic surgery might be the answer to the problems you’re seeing in the mirror, you may be walking into uncharted terrain. Though our culture focuses women and girls on their appearance from an early age, you may not have thought much about your physique since you were a teen — bent on building Schwarzenegger-level muscles. And you may not have thought about facial wrinkles, sags, and bags at all until you lost your latest bid to a company run by millennials with soul patches.

But coming late to the game late doesn’t mean you can’t catch up and be just as savvy about cosmetic surgery as your wife, sister, or best girlfriend. One caveat: What works for them may not work for you, so take their advice with a grain of salt and seek out a surgeon with expertise in dealing with the male face and body.

Men are, well, different

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Some anatomical differences between men and women are pretty obvious, but others aren’t. Dr. Julio Garcia, an expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon ‌who specializes in improving male faces and physiques, trained both as a surgeon and as an artist. He understands the principles of balance and proportion and knows how to apply them to men to ensure that male outcomes are not only rejuvenating and flattering, but also respect the particularly masculine make-up of their facial and body features.

Aim for strength

If your nose is too large, crooked, or overpowers your face, rhinoplasty can be the answer. But a postoperative nose that’s too small, thin, or turns upward gives you an overly feminine look. In fact, to stay on the rugged side, Dr. Garcia may recommend you leave at least one subtle bump in your nose.

He’s also careful to balance out your new nose with your jawline. Though you may think your large nose is the reason why your profile is underwhelming, your real area of concern may actually be a recessed chin or an insufficient jaw. If both the overly large nose and the recessed jaw are a problem, Dr. Garcia recommends rhinoplasty with implant augmentations in your chin and/or jaw. Be sure your jaw and chin implants are large enough for your jaw and have strong, sharp angles.

He may dissuade you from rhinoplasty altogether if your main issue is a weak chin. In that case, he recommends jaw and chin implants first. After you’ve healed from your implants, and you realize that Dr. Garcia was right you probably won’t opt to get a nose job, after all. Good surgeons never recommend more procedures than are best for your well being and best possible appearance.

Keep it loose

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By the time you realize your hooded lids and eye bags are a problem, you might be eager to have all of the excess fat and skin removed through upper and lower blepharoplasty. Dr. Garcia cautions you to find a plastic surgeon who has proven expertise in rejuvenating male eyes. Removing too much fat, tightening the eye area too much, or putting the eyelid crease too low looks unnatural and may be feminizing.

Remember the beard

If you’re getting a facelift or brow lift, make sure your surgeon knows how to factor in the changes that may occur to the position of your beard line and hairline, especially if you’re already balding. An expert plastic surgeon will lift your underlying muscles along with skin, and lift in two different directions to get a natural and supportive position. You may need fat grafts to fill in lost facial volume and make your lift look natural, not stretched.

Another caveat about male facelifts is that the thickness and weight of skin on male faces is greater than that on females. Make sure your plastic surgeon knows how to compensate for the greater downward forces on your face so that your facelift looks good for years.

Man boobs may not be fat

While you could be considering liposuction alone for your gynecomastia, don’t get talked into that procedure before meeting with a plastic surgeon who’s had experience improving the male chest. While some of the excess tissue in your man boobs may, indeed, be fat, gynecomastia is actually caused by too much breast tissue, not fat.

Dr. Garcia examines the composition of your male breasts to determine the best approach to resolve them. If they’re mainly fat, then liposuction alone is sufficient to get a flatter, more masculine chest. If you have large amounts of breast tissue, too, then he recommends mastoplexy, which is breast-reduction surgery.

Regular lipo might not be enough

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If you have genetically stubborn areas of fat around your abdomen or hips, liposuction is the fastest, most efficient way to reshape your physique so that you look more toned and athletic. However, if you’re removing abdominal fat, you may want to go a step further.

Dr. Garcia is an expert at sculpting the abdominal muscles with mini cannulas and lipo in Las Vegas‌ to remove extra fat. By sculpting almost down to the muscle level, he creates the six-pack ab look you’ve been trying to get for years.

Make sure your surgeon gets you

The most important part of any plastic surgery procedure is to find the right surgeon who not only has surgical skills but has a highly developed sense of aesthetics that accommodates differences in body type, facial anatomy, gender, and ethnicity. In addition to his training and long experience as a respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Garcia also studied art.

He takes the time to listen to your concerns, asks you pointed questions so that you get the results you want. You can be sure that you’ll get all the information you need for a great outcome that makes you look and feel younger, fitter, and in the prime of your life.

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