There are many variables in play when it comes to deciding on the appropriate breast implant for a patient, Of course, the patient needs to voice their desires to see if the surgeon feels it is safe to perform what the patient wants, but in many cases there are outside unchangeable forces that can limit options.  A particular size implant on one person will look totally different on another patient for a myriad of reasons. This can include native initial breast tissue in place, stretch component of the tissue, quality and thickness of the muscle and fat layer, shape/size of the breast bone, angulation of the ribs and shape of the spine. I know, it sounds strange that so many things can impact what the end result can be but it is true. There a new article that touches on some introductory tips that will help you during your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon. I encourage you all to read it, and you too men that have  a female in your life considering the surgery.

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