Tips on how to deal with emotions after liposuction

You love to take care of yourself, but you’re also an achiever. When you know you can be better, you make the extra push to reach that goal.

That’s why it’s frustrating to still be fighting fatty bulges around your middle, or on your thighs, arms, hips, or back, despite years of working out and eating right. That’s why you’re considering liposuction in Las Vegas to eliminate those stubborn areas of fat for good.

Julio Garcia, MD, an expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon and liposuction aesthetician, applauds men and women who decide to put the finishing touches on their shape by removing excess fat with liposuction. However, he also cautions that liposuction is a type of surgery that has both physical and psychological implications.

Dr. Garcia always spends time with you when come to him for any time of cosmetic plastic surgery, so that you understand both the benefits and the risks of every procedure, are sure that you’re making improvements for yourself alone, and are prepared for both the recovery period and for the life changes that liposuction brings.

Be Ready to Pamper Yourself

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As an active person, feeling sore or tender after your liposuction procedure may be frustrating. While some people can go back to their normal routine within hours or day, it’s best to prepare for some downtime.

First of all, be sure to have someone ready to drive you home after your liposuction. Arrange to take off at least a few days from work and all household chores.

Your midsection may be sore, bruised, or swollen. And since you use your abdominal muscles to do everything from sit to stand to bend over, you may need to curtail most or even all of your activities those first few days. Avoid the gym or strenuous activities for about two weeks, unless Dr. Garcia gives you the all-clear.

Tell your family and friends that you may need some extra support after your procedure. If you think you might too easily get drawn back into other people’s needs, talk to Dr. Garcia about staying in a surgical recovery center for a day or two, so you won’t even be tempted to stress yourself. Or book a recovery vacation at a Las Vegas luxury hotel.

It Doesn’t Happen All at Once

After waiting so long to finally reshape your figure to match your ideal, you’re probably eager to see what you look like. Even though your excess fat was removed completely during your liposuction procedure, you probably won’t be able to appraise your shape for a few weeks. Your body is in a healing phase after liposuction, which means you could be swollen and even bruised for a few weeks.

Dr. Garcia gives you explicit after-care instructions to keep you comfortable post-lipo. You can also wear Spanx or a compression garment to control swelling.

Sometimes You Feel Blue

It’s normal to feel a little down or blue after surgery, even if it’s one you elected and eagerly anticipated. The stress on your body, the limitations on your physical activities, and the discomfort you may feel can all take their toll.

Also, just as any time you make a major purchase or change, there’s usually a short period of regret. Directly after your procedure, you may long for your old shape. If feelings of sadness persist for more than a few days, Dr. Garcia suggests getting help from a counselor so that you can adjust to the brand-new you that you worked so hard to achieve.

Liposuction Should Be About You

If you get liposuction to please a mate or win a mate, you may be disappointed with your results. Nothing we do in life guarantees we’ll get the reaction we want from other people. In fact, if you try to please someone else with cosmetic surgery procedures, you’re more likely to be unhappy with the outcome. Be sure that you’re re-contouring your body because you want to please yourself alone.

Get Ready for a Big Change...

You always wanted to be the “Girl from Ipanema.” Or the Guy.

You imagine yourself strolling the beach or down the aisles at the gym, turning the heads of everyone you pass. However, when you begin getting positive attention for the positive changes you make with cosmetic surgery, you might actually feel confused, rather than flattered. After all, aren’t you still the same person inside?

If you’re shy, the attention might be overwhelming. If you’re having conflicted emotions or feeling uncertain about your beautiful new shape, be sure to get support from a counselor or friends.

And speaking of friends, getting liposuction or other procedures at the same time that a BFF or mate does can be a great bonding experience. Recovering together and exploring the changes that your procedures bring is more fun and empowering with a buddy at your side.

…Or Not

If you think you need liposuction to advance in your career in the fitness industry or media, be sure to have realistic expectations. While a sleek, athletic, or shapely figure may be just what you need to give yourself an extra edge in a competitive business, the job offers won’t necessarily pour right in after your recovery period (though they might). In fact, if your amazing liposuction results don’t land you your dream job or client, that may be the first clue you need to make other changes to continue building your career and ongoing success.

Lipososuction Won’t Cure BDD

During your initial consultation, Dr. Garcia makes sure that liposuction is the right procedure for you. If you feel unhappy with your looks overall, or feel anxiety about how attractive you are, you may have a condition known as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Some of the celebrities you’ve seen who overdo plastic surgery actually have some form of BDD.

If Dr. Garcia suspects you may have BDD, he gently refers you to a health professional for counseling. He never performs or recommends a surgical or nonsurgical procedure unless he believes you’ll benefit both physically and psychologically.

Don't Get "Botched"

The worst outcome of any cosmetic surgery is to feel that your procedure was “botched.” Bargain-shopping for plastic surgery raises the risk for a botched procedure that can ultimately cost you many times the price of expertly performed liposuction. Revision surgery or liposuction is complicated by scar tissue, you have to undergo new procedures and further recovery times, and you may suffer from depression, anxiety, and anger over your less-than-stellar results.

Spend time before your surgery finding the absolute best plastic surgeon possible — even if that means going out of state. If you’re considering liposuction in Las Vegas, Dr. Garcia’s helpful staff can arrange for travel and accommodations, when needed.


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