Many patients come in asking if they are tool old for cosmetic surgery. With patients living longer healthy and active lives, it is an increasing trend seen around the country, but especially in areas where the weather is warm and people are outside a bit more. My personal opinion, after  a thorough consultation with the patient is that if the have no medical contra-indications for surgery, that they have reasonable expectations of the results ( that they will look good  for their age but not look 2o years younger) and if they accept the limitations of surgery on older patients ( that the results will likely not last as long as in younger patients), it is fine to proceed. Usually I will encourage smaller procedures combined with fillers in order to decrease the time under anesthesia and shorten the recovery period, but if the are healthy, there is no reason to make them spend their latter years feeling that their outsides do not mesh with their insides. The article discussing it is below.

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