Thought I would share this little article with you before the weekend. We are constantly being bombarded by ads making claims that most times seem unbelievable. Well, in many cases, it is. The media is full of claims about the benefits and quick results with many products. The latest one to be exposed is another company hawking anti-wrinkle creams. Although just about any cream will help severely damaged skin that the person never takes care of, in the majority of cases if you are taking good care of you skin, with  a minimum of using a good facial cleanser, using a moisturizer and also sunblock, your skin is likely OK. Adding a anti-wrinkle option to the mix might help in some cases but the results are typically mild with most creams. I do suggest some OTC cream if the patient desires to go that way, but in my opinion there are many that are over-priced and not any more effective than ones costing a fraction of the higher end one. Have a great weekend and take care of your skin!

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