Here is a recent review of an article about having a tummy tuck at the same time as a tummy tuck. As tempting as it might sound, the cost savings are really not there and risks are higher. Although the report cites the increase in minor complications, there were no plastic surgeons involved in the study. One of the great fears we have in plastic surgery is a blood clot developing after a surgery. A blood clot can cause prolonged swelling but in some cases can dislodge and allow the blood clot to travel to the lungs causing difficulty breathing and/or death. I personally counsel patients to space the procedures apart. Typically the operating room costs when surgery is done in a  hospital are much higher than a surgi-center so the cost savings are truly not there. Some patients think their insurance company will pay the anesthesia and operating room costs when done at the same time, but that is actually insurance fraud. Along with the higher risk of blood clots, there is also prolonged down time due to the intra-abdominal slowing of the bowels and slow return to bowel movements. Sometimes time savings don’t make for wise decisions.

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