Watch Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Julio Garcia explain the difference between a facelift and non-surgical procedures, which are often marketed as “liquid facelifts.” The results you can accomplish with a facelift cannot be accomplished with injectables and vice versa.

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Are you looking for a facial plastic surgeon in the Virginia area? Dr. Michael Brown listens in order to provide the care that is required to meet his patient’s goals. He and his office understand that if they educate themselves about his patient’s desires, he and his staff develop a customized plan, specifically formulated to achieving those goals. Dr. Brown and his staff believe as I do that we should always strive to make the patient feel and look better with the least amount of intervention. There are times when surgery is required, but exhausting non-invasive or minimally invasive options should be offered first. If you are looking for a qualified and honest surgeon in the Northern Virginia area, I highly recommend Dr. Brown and his staff as the place to go. You can find him at

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