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Unless you’re an admirer of artist Peter Paul Rubens’ 16th century portrayals of women’s voluptuous beauty, you probably don’t love your double chin. Double chins not only add weight to your face, they make you look heavier overall. Even if you’re at a stable, healthy weight, a double chin tends to develop with time, as the skin in your lower face and neck loses elasticity and begins to sag. Even without wrinkles or bags, sporting a double chin can add another ten years to your perceived age.

While there’s beauty in all facial and body types — including the Rubenesque — most women and men in 2019 prefer a leaner, sleeker look when it comes to their chin and jawline. The trend isn’t recent, though: Even back in the 1890s, ads for “Professor Mack's Chin Reducer and Beautifier” claimed that tightening the strings on the uncomfortable-looking device could eliminate double chins and reduce enlarged glands. A search through the internet reveals that not a lot has changed in 100+ years. Facial exercises, spring-loaded contraptions, and neck creams all promise to melt away unattractive fatty bulges under your chin. But do any of them work? Maybe, but it might take months of effort to find out they … do. Or don’t.

Dr. Julio Garcia, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, knows that your time is too valuable to invest in lost causes or dashed hopes. When it comes to double chins, he offers effective strategies that give you the results you want while respecting your values and lifestyle choices, too. Based on your needs, your unique facial structure, and your desires, he recommends removing a double chin with one or more of the following:

  • Nonsurgical Kybella® injections
  • Surgical liposuction
  • Surgical chin or jaw implants
  • Nonsurgical chin or jaw augmentation

A Stronger Profile, 15 Minutes at a Time

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One of the most exciting developments in nonsurgical aesthetics has been the FDA approval of an injectable fat reducer called Kybella. Kybella is composed of a synthetic form of deoxycolic acid. Your body naturally produces deoxycholic acid to help break down and process dietary fats during digestion.

Kybella utilizes deoxycholic acid’s fat-melting capabilities to remove your double chin. Dr. Garcia injects Kybella into the fatty underside of your chin to disrupt up to 20% of unneeded fat cells during every treatment. His injections are guided by a special template that he uses to mark the areas that need reduction.

Kybella treatments only take about 15 minutes from start to finish. First, Dr. Garcia uses the template to mark the insertion points. Then, he or his assistant numbs the area under your chin with topical anesthetic. Finally, he injects Kybella so that it can begin to melt and destroy the extra fat cells in your double chin.

A Discreet Change With Dramatic Results

Other than some swelling after your treatment that resolves within a few days, no one can tell that you’ve undergone a double-chin removal procedure. Over the next 12 to 18 weeks, your body processes the dead fat cells through your lymphatic system, and gradually excretes them. Once the fat cells have been destroyed, they can’t grow back.

Most women and men need a series of three to five Kybella treatments to get the sleek, healthy-looking profile they desire. Dr. Garcia recommends leaving at least one month between each Kybella injection session. Your body needs time to heal from the procedure and process the dead fat cells.

Although you may not see the results from your first treatment by one month, after the second treatment you’ll notice a change in your profile. You can stop your Kybella whenever you feel that you’ve reached your goal.

Or Do It All At Once

woman getting injections in the chin

While Kybella is a great choice for women and men who want to make a gradual but dramatic improvement in their profiles without surgery, if you’re all about getting it done now, liposuction is your best choice. Dr. Garcia is an expert in tumescent liposuction, which uses a special fluid to break up the fat in the treated area so it’s easy to remove with small cannulas (straws).

For your liposuction procedure, Dr. Garcia’s assistant first numbs your chin area with anesthetic. He then injects your double chin with the tumescent fluid that breaks up the fat, controls bleeding, and numbs pain. His expert sculpting of your under-chin area with mini cannulas ensures that your results are uniform and natural looking.

After your procedure, Dr. Garcia may recommend wearing a compression bandage for several days. He gives you strict pre-operative and post-operative instructions to make your liposuction and recovery period as easy and comfortable as possible.

Build on Nature

Dr. Garcia is not only a surgeon, but a trained artist who examines the structure of your face before performing any procedure. Depending on your bone structure and skin quality, it may be that a double chin isn’t your problem at all; you may have what’s called a recessive chin, which causes your chin skin to hang low on your face.

Dr. Garcia remedies a recessive chin with chin or jaw implants that create a stronger profile and jawline. In many instances, the implants may be enough to take up the slack of your double chin so that you don’t need any other treatment. In other cases, he may recommend a combination of implants and fat reduction with liposuction or Kybella.

If you’d like to avoid surgery, Dr. Garcia can also create nonsurgical chin augmentations using the latest dermal fillers. He may layer a collagen-inducing filler, such as Sculptra®, along with a filler made of hyaluronic acid, such as Juvederm® for the most natural-looking result.

Chin and jaw implants last for decades or even a lifetime. Nonsurgical chin augmentation must be touched up every six months to two years.

To find out how to get rid of your double chin forever and finally achieve a stronger, healthier looking profile through the help of an expert plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, contact us by phone or online form.

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