I frequently get asked when is it too old to have cosmetic surgery. In general, there are a couple of different ways to look at and answer that question. Certainly of prime importance is a person’s health. As we age, our health sometimes deteriorates, but there are also younger people in poor health that are not candidates for cosmetic surgery due to their medical condition and the risks involved with an elective cosmetic procedure. Assuming one is healthy though, is it ever to late? I personally believe that the results on a person that is older will likely not last as long as on someone younger as their tissues are older and may not hold up as well. Having said that, if you are older but have aged slower than others around you, your tissue might hold up pretty well. I think having a frank and honest discussion with your surgeon about how long will the results last is a valid question. If the patient feels that the time period is long enough for them to enjoy the benefits of looking younger, then certainly it is OK to proceed. Below is  a new article about age and cosmetic surgery, might be a fun read for you.

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