where to find the best cosmetic surgery in las vegas

In just a few months, it’ll be beach weather all across the country. Time for mini skirts, short shorts, and bikinis. That beautiful body you’ve been hiding underneath the sweaters and leggings all winter is finally ready for exposure … or is it?

Long and leggy is the hot new look for 2018. But you don’t have to worry if you weren’t born “that way”; there’s a new Hollywood-inspired movement called thighlighting that gives you the kind of long, shapely legs that rock the red carpet.

Thighlighting doesn’t refer to the colored pens that actors use to help them memorize their lines in a script. Thighlighting encompasses a variety of surgical and nonsurgical leg-contouring procedures that bring your legs into better balance and make your entire body appear longer and leaner.

Beyond Thigh Gap

where to find the best cosmetic surgery in las vegas

Thighlighting is individualized based on what procedures are going to make your legs look their absolute best. Creating the coveted thigh gap with tumescent liposuction is only one element. You can also sculpt your thighs to be lighter and more beautifully shaped, remove knee fat and ankle fat, and contour or augment your calves.

Of course, when you’re thinking about making major, permanent changes to your body, you might start to wonder where to find the best cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas. Thighlighting takes more than surgical skill and expertise, it takes a highly developed sense of aesthetics and an artist’s eyes to ensure that your results are beautiful, flattering, and in harmony with your natural body shape.

Julio Garcia, MD, an expert plastic surgeon who also trained as an artist and art historian, takes time during your consultation to measure your body precisely, discuss your goals, and come up with a plan of the best procedures to reach them. Your new legs will not only look longer and more shapely, they’ll create the illusion of a leaner and taller figure, and look and feel absolutely natural.

Sculpting With Liposculpture

Whether you want to reshape your buttocks, thighs, knees, calves and ankles, or all of the above, Dr. Garcia uses tumescent liposculpture to remove excess fat and create a more pleasing shape. He prefers microcannulas — very small metal straws — to carefully sculpt away the fat and irregularities, so that your results are smooth and uniform. It’s important that your plastic surgeon have impeccable technique so that the visual line leading from each area of the leg to the next is absolutely seamless and perfectly symmetrical.

Tumescent liposculpture can create:

  • Thigh gap
  • More defined buttocks crease
  • Slimmer, more shapely thighs
  • Better contoured knees
  • Beautifully curved calves
  • Thinner ankles
  • More symmetry in your legs
  • Tighter leg skin

Tumescent liposculpture is a surgical procedure, so you must be prepared for a recovery period. During your consultation, Dr. Garcia makes sure you understand the risks involved with liposculpture.

You can choose between having your procedure done with local or general anesthesia. The treatment areas are then injected with a special salt-water solution that helps numb sensation and also breaks up the fat so that it’s easier to remove. Dr. Garcia creates very small incisions into which he inserts a microcannula. He uses the cannula like a sculptor’s tool, vacuuming away the excess fat to create a flattering new shape.

Liposculpture on the legs requires a longer recovery period than liposculpture on the abdomen or other places because the legs contain many important veins and nerves. You’ll need to wear compression stockings for up to six weeks. You also need to stay off your feet for a few days to control swelling and bruising.

Smoothing With Lasers and Fillers

where to find the best cosmetic surgery in las vegas

Liposculpture tightens your skin as it heals. However, if your skin is inelastic or if you have cellulite, your skin may need other treatments to obtain a smooth and lovely surface.

Just as lasers can tone and tighten your face and neck, Dr. Garcia can apply their energy to improve the texture and tone of your legs. Lasers soften cellulite, stimulate the production of more collagen, and tighten and firm your skin.

If you have deep cellulite dimples, Dr. Garcia fills them in with injectable Sculptra Aesthetic. Sculptra is a dermal fillers that stimulates your skin to produce more collagen. Results can last for up to two years.

Volumizing and Shaping With Fat and Implants

While many women want slimmer legs and thighs, you may actually have areas that are too thin or lack shape. You calves, for instance, may be flat or square rather than beautifully rounded and sloped. Or, your buttocks or another part of your legs may lack shape and definition.

Dr. Garcia can add subtle volume and shape either by injecting Sculptra or fat from your own body. The fat is removed from an area of excess either during liposuction or with a syringe. After being purified and sterilized, the fat is injected into the places where you want augmentation. Fat grafts can last up to three years.

If your calves are very flat, skinny and shapeless, Dr. Garcia may recommend calf implants. Calf implants are made of pliable silicone that looks and feels natural.

Beautifying With Vein and Hair Removal

where to find the best cosmetic surgery in las vegas

Now that your legs are long, lean, shapely gams that can turn heads on the beach or runway, make sure you add the final touches by removing unsightly veins and hair. Dr. Garcia uses laser therapy to zap spider veins, and sclerotherapy to eliminate large, blue varicose veins. With a series of six laser treatments plus yearly follow-ups, he removes all of your unwanted leg hair.

If you’re ready to learn more about how thighlighting can give you stunning legs by summer, Dr. Garcia would be happy to set up a consultation to discuss your goals and needs.


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