consider a tummy tuck in las vegas

You dreamed of this day for so long. You worked hard. Changed your diet. Got serious about a varied and enjoyable workout routine that built muscle and melted fat. And then you did it: You stepped on the scale and finally saw your goal weight!

Your massive weight loss makes you feel wonderful. You’re healthier than ever. Your physician is thrilled. But. You don’t look as good as you thought you would. In fact, some people who haven’t seen you in awhile comment that you don’t seem well at all. And your face is thin, saggy, and gaunt.

What happened? You’ve just encountered one of the major drawbacks of a major weight loss:loose and hanging skin.The irony of being at a healthier weight, having great cholesterol levels, more muscle and denser bones than ever is that your face has lost a significant amount of youthful volume, and you may have a droopy stomach, arms, and other areas on your body.

If you’re still in your 20s and you were obese only for a short time, your skin may be resilient to snap back into place on its own. If you’re older, were obese for a long time, or if your skin is thin and inelastic, you may need help from Julio Garcia, MD, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon who specializes in tummy tucks (otherwise known as abdominoplasty), facelifts (rhytidectomies), and other plastic surgeries that remove excess skin after weight loss.

Loose Skin Is Not Just a Cosmetic Issue

consider a tummy tuck in las vegas

Just as as losing weight was essential for your health and improves your odds for a long life, loose skin is more than a cosmetic issue. Sweat, bacteria and yeast can collect underneath the skin folds, resulting in infections and rashes. The weight of the extra skin can cause backaches and other forms of discomfort. The extra skin may weigh up to 40 pounds or more, which makes getting dressed and other daily tasks complicated and arduous.

And, of course, one of the reasons you lost weight was to look good. Loose skin is almost as unflattering as excess weight. You may feel depressed, despondent, and self-conscious of the folds of flesh that remind you of a life you were trying to leave behind.

You’ve heard about surgery to remove excess skin, but you’re not sure you can afford it. If you’re considering a tummy tuck in las vegas but don’t have the means to pay out of pocket, there’s good news:

Tummy Tucks May Be Medically Necessary

Removing excess skin from the abdominal area, tightening up the underlying muscles and tightening the skin is considered a medically necessary procedure by many insurance companies. They know that loose skin on the abdomen frequently becomes infected. Removing it makes sense from both health and economic standpoints.

If your tummy tuck is covered by insurance, it’s important to remember that abdominoplasty is major surgery. Tummy tucks require preparation both before and after surgery to ensure great results and a healthy recovery.

You need to arrange for someone to help you get back home after surgery and aid with household tasks. You’ll have to miss at least two weeks of work. You should expect to have limited motion and vitality for up to six weeks.

Tummy Tucks Improve Your Health

During a tummy tuck Dr. Garcia can also correct other health conditions, such as:

  • Fix a leaky bladder by obstructing your urethra slightly with soft tissue
  • Correct a ventral hernia,which frequently occurs in obese men and women
  • Tighten abdominal muscles to improve core strength and posture

These extra benefits can substantially improve your health and quality of life. Tighter abdominal muscles lead to better posture, which allows your entire body to function more efficiently. Looking better and having less weight to carry improves your mood and boosts your energy, too.

Adding On Ultimately Saves

consider a tummy tuck in las vegas

If you decide on a tummy tuck, you may consider adding on other procedures that also reduce the risk of infections from loose skin and help you look as good as you feel. Doing multiple procedures at the same time lowers the cost and decreases the amount of recovery time you need.

Other procedures you may require to remove loose skin after a massive weight loss include:

Breast lift or breast reduction. Loose, sagging breasts can cause rashes, backaches, shoulder aches, and neck aches. Breast lifts, also known as mastopexy, reposition your breasts to a higher position and better projection. Dr. Garcia removes excess skin and tightens the underlying muscles.

If your loose skin and large breasts are creating a medical problem, such as recurrent rashes, breast reduction surgery may also be covered by your insurance. Breast reduction surgery reduces the amount of breast tissue you have, so you will have significantly smaller breasts. The rest of the process is similar to a lift.

Arm lift. Dr. Garcia removes any excess fat with liposuction, then tightens your skin and removes the extra skin.

Thigh lift. Loose skin on the thighs may severely impair your mobility. Dr. Garcia removes any residual fat with liposuction. Excess skin is first tightened, then trimmed away.

Face lift and neck lift. Though face lifts and neck lifts are strictly classified as cosmetic procedures, the psychological benefits they confer are considerable. Dr. Garcia lifts and tightens your underlying platysma and SMAS muscles, then lifts, tightens, and trims away excess skin. The result is a face and neck area that looks about 10 years younger than before surgery.

Dr. Garcia can further improve the natural look of your facelift by grafting fat taken from liposuction in other areas of your body into your cheeks and midface. Fat grafts add volume and youth to your face for up to three years. Facelifts and neck lifts can last eight to ten years or more.

If you’d like to reward yourself for a massive weight loss by removing excess skin that’s causing you pain and embarrassment please call Dr. Garcia, an expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon, for a consultation.

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