brazilian butt lift

Celebrities such as Beyoncè, J-Lo, and Kim Kardashian helped popularize a more full-figured look for women’s backsides, leading to a rise in cosmetic procedures that shape and contour the buttocks area. One of the most popular procedures — the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL — has made headlines recently due to an unexpected rise in serious complications, including death.

All plastic surgery Las Vegas comes with risks, which is why finding a board-certified, highly skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience in your desired procedure is paramount. So is resisting so-called "bargains" and Groupons put out by doctors who aren't board-certified in plastic surgery or skilled in BBL. In fact — more than any other decision you’ll make about improving your body with nonsurgical and surgical treatments — finding the most expert surgeon gives you the greatest likelihood of attaining spectacular results and avoiding unwanted outcomes.

Not All Surgeons Can Do BBLs

brazilian butt lift

Along with the surge in BBL’s popularity — over 24,000 were performed in the U.S. in 2018, up 19% from the year before — comes a wave of surgeons hoping to cash in on the phenomenon before styles change. Although any surgeon in the U.S. is legally allowed to perform whatever surgery they choose, very few surgeons are qualified to do plastic surgery, and even fewer are qualified to perform BBLs.

The rounded, uplifted buttocks that BBLs create are due to a process called fat grafting. In theory, fat grafting is a simple procedure. If you get plastic surgery Las Vegas, top aesthetic surgeon Dr. Julio Garcia removes fat from a portion of your body where you have excessive amounts — such as a muffin top or inner thighs — via liposuction. The fat is then processed, sterilized, and prepared for fat graft injections.

The Problem With Fat Grafts

Fat grafting first gained popularity as a cosmetic procedure for facial rejuvenation. When applying fat grafts to the face, Dr. Garcia uses very small cannulas (tiny, blunt-ended tubes) to insert the fat into multiple areas on the face. The fat melds with your underlying tissues, restoring volume, elasticity, and firmness.

When fat grafts are administered to the buttocks, however, a much greater amount of fat is used. If the surgeon is unskilled or unaware of the vasculature and nerve structure in the area, they could insert too much fat, or insert fat into the wrong place, creating a dangerous, potentially life-threatening pulmonary fat embolism.

As part of his training and experience in cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Garcia developed a deep knowledge of the body’s musculature, vasculature, and complex networks of nerves. He knows that fat grafts should only be injected into the existing subcutaneous layer of fat to avoid complications. Unknowledgeable surgeons inject too deeply, which increases the risk of embolism.

Removing Just Enough Fat

brazilian butt lift

Another part of the surgery that can cause problems when performed by someone without training and board certification in plastic surgery is during liposuction. Because liposuction removes fluids as well as fat, an expert surgeon only removes about 5 L of fat per operation, depending on the patient. Removing too much fat creates stress for the patient and may lead to uneven results.

The Changes an Expert Makes

Once you find an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Garcia, he spends time with you during your first consultation, examining your body’s proportions, fat distribution, and skin quality. No two BBLs are ever the same. Your surgeon should tailor-make your operation based on your unique body type and your ultimate goals.

Based on your needs, your BBL may:

  • Contour and flatten unwanted fatty areas, such as your lower abdomen
  • Add shape and volume to your buttocks
  • Lift and firm your buttocks
  • Help you look curvier in jeans, clothing, and bathing suits
  • Improve the proportions of your body
  • Create better balance between your upper and lower curves

If you have sagging or inelastic skin on your buttocks, thighs, or hips, Dr. Garcia may also recommend thigh or buttock lift surgery to enhance your appearance.

Going for Big Volume Changes

brazilian butt lift

When your natural buttocks are flat or lack volume, a BBL might not be an appropriate procedure for you. While you can get beautiful new curves with a BBL by increasing the volume of your buttocks cheeks, there’s a limit to how much fat you can safely add to that area (or take away from others).

If you want a dramatic change in your buttocks, or if you’d like a particular shape, Dr. Garcia may recommend silicone implants instead of fat grafting. Dr. Garcia helps you select from medical-grade implants that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. He’ll only advise you to choose implants that flatter your body type.

Implants Are One and Done

If you opt for a BBL, you may need a series of four to seven fat grafts to achieve your desired volume and shape. About half the fat may not “take,” which means your initial volume decreases over time, before your next grafting session.

With implants, however, once they’re in place, you don’t need another procedure. Your implants can last up to 10 years or more, with proper care. However, it’s important to note that implant surgery is more extensive and requires a longer post-op period than a traditional BBL.

Be Prepared to Stand

Once you have a BBL or buttocks implants, you won’t be able to sit down or sleep on your back for at least two weeks. It’s important to not put pressure on your buttocks, so you don’t change the shape of your new curves or cause the fat graft to die.

If you have a sit-down job, arrange for a standing desk. After you’ve begun to heal, Dr. Garcia may recommend specially designed donut-shaped pillows that allow you to sit while avoiding pressure on your buttocks. You can go back to normal sitting after about two months.

An Artistic Change

Whichever method of buttocks enhancement that you choose — traditional BBL or buttocks implants — one final consideration before choosing your surgeon and moving forward with your procedure is the role of aesthetics. While some plastic surgeons may be expert at incising and stitching without leaving scars and creating quite serviceable results, it takes another set of skills to do all of that plus create body-contouring improvements that bring your new figure to the level of artistry.

In addition to his years of training and expertise as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Garcia first trained as an artist. In fact, his bachelor’s degree was in Art History. That’s why he never takes a cookie-cutter approach to his work. Because each of his patients is uniquely formed and shaped, he takes care to use his aesthetic skills to create improvements that bring out your natural beauty.

Your new buttocks won’t just be bigger and rounder, they’ll augment your body shape and create a figure that looks as natural as if you’d been lucky enough to have developed that way as you reached adulthood. Your figure will be harmonious with your body type, and yet just as eye-catching as you want it to be.

To start creating the beautiful, feminine backside you want, only accept plastic surgery Las Vegas from a top surgeon. Call Dr. Garcia today or use the online form.

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