where to get lipo in las vegas

Your standards are high. You demand excellence of yourself in all areas of your life … and you achieve it.

But there’s one area where you just don’t seem able to make a positive difference: It’s stubborn fat that just won’t budge — no matter how much cardio, yoga, and burst-intensity exercise you do, no matter how cleanly you eat.

Stubborn Fat Is Not Your Fault

Genetics, aging, and hormonal changes that are beyond your control can all cause the body to create and hold onto stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Regions of the body that tend to collect excess, intractable fat include:

  • Abdomen (muffin top)
  • Flanks
  • Hips (love handles)
  • Thighs (saddle bags)
  • Submentum (double chin)
  • Back (bra fat)

You may be considering liposuction, but with all of the many new ways of permanently eliminating fat, you wonder: Is liposuction the best way to go? And if so, which type of liposuction is superior: traditional tumescent liposuction or ultrasound-assisted liposuction?

Liposuction: It Keeps Getting Better

where to get lipo in las vegas

Even with all of the new, noninvasive body-contouring techniques that are out there, liposuction remains the gold standard for permanently eliminating stubborn fat and sculpting a beautiful, more flattering figure. Liposuction has more than 30 years of history as a safe, effective way to permanently remove excess fat cells and rejuvenate your physique.

Since its advent as a body-contouring procedure in the 1980s, liposuction has continued to evolve. Rather than using large metal cannulas (hollow tubes that measured up to 1cm in diameter) to vacuum up the fat, plastic surgeons in Las Vegas now prefer small cannulas and even microcannulas. of only 0.6 mm. The smaller suction tubes allow much finer detailing of the body’s contours and minimize trauma to tissues during the procedure.

The Advantage of Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

Using ultrasound energy to destruct fat cells and facilitate their removal is another revolutionary development that has improved the sculpting capabilities of cosmetic surgeons who perform liposuction.

In traditional, tumescent liposuction, the areas to be treated are first injected with a special saline solution that numbs pain, controls bleeding, and ruptures the fat cells. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) goes a step further by introducing ultrasound energy into the injected fat through the cannulas. Ultrasound waves break the fat cells into even smaller pieces, which makes them easier to remove.

Once the fat cells have been vacuumed away, they will not return. It may take up to several months for your body to completely heal from your UAL procedure. After the swelling has subsided, you will have a more beautifully contoured figure that you can keep for the rest of your life, provided you maintain your current weight.

UAL Is for More Than Just Muffin Tops

where to get lipo in las vegas

While liposuction is best known for removing fatty areas around the abdomen and hips, UAL can also contour other areas of the body that may not be as finely shaped as you desire. If you’re an athlete, or just want a more sculpted look to your body, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon with an artist’s eye, such as Julio Garcia, MD, can remove fat around key muscles to emphasize their shape and size. Dr. Garcia can even create a six-pack ab look, if desired.

Other areas that Dr. Garcia can reduce and/or sculpt with UAL include:

  • Mons pubis
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Ankles
  • Arms
  • Breasts (including male breasts)
  • Buttocks
  • Jowls
  • Lipomas

Deciding If UAL Is for You

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is not the right procedure for everyone. Because liposuction is not a weight-loss technique, it’s imperative that you are at a healthy weight, with a BMI of 30 or less. It’s important to remember that UAL is designed to remove inches, not pounds.

Because you will be losing large volumes of fat, it is also essential that you have good skin tone. If your skin has aged to the point where it has lost elasticity, it may not be able to adjust and tighten after the underlying, supportive fat is gone. Liposuction could leave you with saggy, wrinkly skin that would look even less flattering than fatty bulges. In cases such as these, a tummy tuckhttp://www.lvcosmeticsurgery.com/tummy-tuck-abdominoplasty, arm lift or other surgical procedure may be needed.

If you’re not sure if you are a candidate for UAL, meeting with an expert plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Garcia, will help you decide. He will evaluate your figure — including your BMI and skin elasticity — and make recommendations. If you are not yet at a healthy weight, he will encourage you to lose the extra pounds through diet and exercise.

Preparing for Your Procedure

where to get lipo in las vegas

If Dr. Garcia has confirmed that you are a candidate for UAL, there are other factors that need to be considered before making a final decision. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires time off from work and household tasks, plus a reduced activity load for 2 weeks or more.

If you’re considering UAL, ask yourself:

  • Do I have someone who can drive me home and help me after my UAL procedure?
  • Can I afford to take off a few days from work?
  • Do I have someone to help me with household chores, such as cooking and cleaning, for the first few days?
  • Can I curtail my activities for 2 weeks or more?

If you answered “yes,” to all of these questions, you may be wondering where to get lipo in las vegas.

Great Results Start With a Great Surgeon

After you’ve made the decision to sculpt your body with UAL, your next most important decision will be to find a great plastic surgeon. Dr. Garcia trained as an artist as well as a surgeon, so he brings a strong sense of aesthetics to his body-sculpting procedures with UAL. Not only will he eliminate your excess fat, his standards of excellence ensure that the new contours he creates flatter your unique body type and shape.

To ensure an excellent outcome to your UAL procedure, Dr. Garcia takes time during your consultation to measure your body, learn about the type of results you’d like, and answer all of your questions. Find out now if you are a candidate for UAL to eliminate stubborn fat for good.

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