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Many of our favorite movie stars have them. Some babies do, too. And even though they’re basically considered a type of birth deformity, suddenly women and men of all ages are flocking to the plastic surgeon’s office to get them surgically placed in their cheeks and chins.

What are they? Dimples! Flashy, cute dents that appear in your cheeks when you smile, like little brackets that emphasize your pearly whites. Or a memorable impression on your chin, that divides it in two.

Carey Mulligan, Usher, Jennifer Garner, and Hugh Grant are famous for their smiling, cheeky dimples, as was child star Shirley Temple. A cleft chin, marked by a deep or shallow chin dimple, usually conveys an appearance of strength and masculinity, as exemplified by Simon Cowell, Carey Grant, and Ben Affleck. Some feminine beauties sport subtle chin dimples, like stunner Eva Longoria, which just adds to her allure.

Since dimples make our Stars burn even brighter, and are almost universally considered attractive, dimpleplasty has become one of the hottest new cosmetic trends in plastic surgery. While millennials and women are most likely to request the procedure, Boomers, seniors and men also line up to get artificial dimples and cleft chins, too.

What Makes a Dimple?

Both chin dimples and cheek dimples are deformities that are present at birth, and are genetically determined. A chin dimple occurs when the baby’s jawbone doesn’t fuse together completely, leaving a little gap.

Cheek dimples appear when a cheek muscle — called the zygomaticus major —is divided into two parts instead of one. The muscle becomes tethered to the skin at the point of division, and pulls inward when you smile, creating the characteristic dent. If you have normal cheek muscles (all in one piece), you won’t get dimples, no matter how hard you smile.

Why Dimples Are Adorable

Dimples are associated with youth and happiness — both of which are desired almost universally. And because they’re here one moment, and gone the next, they attract our increasingly divided attention. Their limited appearance actually makes them seem more attractive.

Because cheek dimples generally come in pairs — one on either side of your smile — they can even make your face look more symmetrical. A cleft chin, with a dimple straight in the center, also balances your face. Symmetry is one of the hallmarks of beauty and health, and is therefore an attractive quality in a potential mate. Who wouldn’t want cute, healthy smiling, and dimpled babies — and plenty of them (from an evolutionary standpoint, anyway)?

Cheek dimples may have additional evolutionary advantages. According to a 2008 article in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, dimples could make it easier for us to accurately assess someone’s true feelings. Or, as researchers Karen L. Schmidt and Jeffrey L. Cohn put it, dimples “could be of added value in making an expression noticeable, or in providing information about the intensity of the expression.”

Can You Make Your Own Dimples?

The same year that dimpled child-star Shirley Temple appeared in the movie “Dimples,” a New Yorker named Isabella Gilbert invented a dimple-making machine. The device consisted of a spring-tension wire worn over the head that pressed tight knobs into the cheek area to indent the skin. The dimple maker didn’t work … and didn’t last!

What is lasting, though, are the dimples created by a simple in-office surgical procedure called dimpleplasty. Dr. Julio Garcia, an expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon creates cheek or chin dimples in about 30 minutes, with nothing more than local anesthesia, and exceptional surgical skills.

The Artistry of Dimpleplasty

Creating attractive, eye-catching dimples requires a surgeon who not only understands the anatomy of the face and zygomaticus major muscles, but one who also has a highly developed sense of aesthetics. While patients who’ve undergone dimeplasty report a 93% satisfaction rate, surgically created dimples that are too deep, too shallow, asymmetric, or don’t disappear when your face is at rest can be disfiguring and difficult to correct. That's why it's important to spend time choosing the right doctor among las vegas plastic surgeons.

Dr. Garcia first trained as an artist before moving onto becoming a top-notch Vegas plastic surgeon. During your consultation, he not only discusses where you’d like your new dimples, he measures your face and considers dimple placement in relationship to the cupid’s bow on your lips, the width of your nose, and other facial features. Your dimples will be positioned so that they enhance your smile, make your face look more symmetrical, and give you an overall appearance of health and youth.

A Few Weeks to “Natural” Dimples

During your procedure, Dr. Garcia creates an incision inside your cheek. He scrapes away excess muscle tissue to create a small dent. He then tethers the underside of your cheek skin to the dented muscle with a suture, which later dissolves. This procedure mimics the way in which natural dimples are caused by a divided cheek muscle pulling down on the skin during a smile. Dr. Garcia creates chin dimples with a similar skin-to-muscle tethering technique.

Right after your dimpleplasty, your cheeks will be swollen and sore. Dr. Garcia encourages you to apply ice packs to your cheeks regularly for the first day or two and take over-the-counter painkillers as needed.

While your skin and muscle heal, your dimples will be apparent even at rest. After the swelling subsides, the dimples disappear until you actively smile. Within just a few weeks, your new dimples will look as natural as if you’d been born with them.

The Downside of Dimples

Believe it or not, some women and men with natural dimples don’t like them! If you already have dimples and feel that they make you look too innocent or fresh-faced, or even encourage other to pinch your “adorable” cheeks, Dr. Garcia can remove your dimples.

Dimple removal is a simple procedure that’s done in the office under local anesthesia. Depending on what’s causing your dimple, Dr. Garcia may release facial tissue that tethers your skin to your muscle. He also fills out the indentation with autologous (self-donated) fat. Your cheeks will stay smooth and dimple-free when you smile.

Whether you’re yearning for a bright, dimpled smile, a cleft chin, or are looking for a way to appear serious and dimple-free, it all starts with choosing the right doctor among las vegas plastic surgeons.Contact Dr. Garcia by phone or online form to set up your dimpleplasty consultation.


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