The question of does looking younger make one look more attractive is a question that has beguiled people for centuries. Although youth does impart a certain level of attractiveness, in general, they do not truly go hand in hand. A recent study reviewed patients that have had cosmetic surgery and although they did look younger than their true age, the reviewers did not think their attractiveness level impro0ved. Most of the time that is due to not all of what makes someone look more attractive has been performed. In this case it can be changes in size of cheek bones or chins, or the replacement of loss facial fat with a filler for example. Pulling skin tighter does not necessarily make you look younger or more attractive, it just makes you look  like you have less skin. Facial attractiveness is determined by facial proportions and shape. Some of these things can be altered and some cannot, the distance between your eyes for example. That is why communication with your plastic surgeon is so important. You need to be able to voice what it is you see as needing to be altered and also what effect you are hoping to achieve. That way the surgeon can, with their experience, tell you if your hopes and desires will come from your desired surgeries. In the end attractiveness is like what your favorite flavor of ice cream is, it will be different form person to person. One man’s ceiling is another man”s floor so to speak.

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