Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or breast enhancement, is a plastic surgery procedure that uses the placement of breast implants to give you a fuller, more balanced breast size.

Considering Breast Augmentation in Las Vegas

Breast enlargement is generally appropriate if you feel that:

  • Your breasts are too small for your figure
  • You need a more balanced breast size
  • You need to correct a loss of breast volume after pregnancy

Although improvement is a reasonable expectation of breast enlargement, perfection is not.

Preparing for Breast Enlargement

Once you decide to undergo breast augmentation, Vegas surgeon, Dr. Garcia, will explain the entire procedure to you in detail and help you select the right size and type of breast implants and the right location for their placement in order to achieve your desired results.

Dr. Garcia encourages you to ask questions and discuss your expectations. By the time you are ready for surgery, you should be extremely familiar with what to expect throughout the entire process.

In preparation for your surgery, Dr. Garcia will give you specific guidelines on what to eat and drink and what vitamins or medications to take or avoid before your surgery. If you smoke, you must stop at least two weeks before and after surgery to ensure that your body heals well.

Knowing the Risks of Breast Enhancement

Although Dr. Garcia is an accomplished breast surgeon, there are risks or rare complications associated with breast augmentation, just like there are with any major surgery. He will carefully discuss these with you, but the most common problems include:

  • Capsular contracture – the scar capsule around the implant tightens and causes the breast to feel hard
  • Implant rupture – the implant bursts and deflates

Either of these complications can be corrected with an additional revision surgery to remove and replace the implant.

Understanding the Breast Enlargment Procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Garcia will make an incision in one of three places:Breast Augmentation - Las Vegas Plastic Surgery

  • The underarm
  • The crease where the breast meets the chest
  • Around the areola, the dark skin surrounding the nipple

Then the tissue is lifted to make a pocket for the implant. Your implant is inserted either behind the breast tissue or behind the tissue and the muscle.  The procedure usually takes from one to one-and-a-half hours.

You will need a friend to drive you home after surgery and stay with you for the first 24-48 hours. During your recovery, you will be limited to minimal activities during the first two weeks, and you can gradually return to your normal activities in about four weeks.

Contact an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

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