I am a 50 year old woman who's had Botox or Dysport approximately twice a year for ten years.  Recently, I saw a nurse practitioner who injected Dysport beneath my eyes.  I didn't see a problem there, but she said "You have crepey undereyes, this will help.." I trusted she knew what she was doing.  I've never had bags under my eyes and now I do.  Worse yet, my eyes don't seem to close properly now.  I realize that Dysport (like Botox) wears off, but will the laxity likely remain (after the Dysport wears off)?  Thank you for your time, Dr. Garcia.


Once the product's effect wears off, the strength of the muscle will return and laxity will go away. In my opinion I think you need a new more injector, sounds like she works on a commission basis.