Facial Implants

Good day, Dr. Garcia. Last week I had a chin implant trimmed through a small submental incision. Since then, my speech has been noticeably impaired. How likely is it that my surgeon damaged the mentalis nerve in this procedure? He tells me it's just swollen, but it feels quite different to me than it did before the surgery, like my chin is in vise. Oddly, and unexplainably, my upper lip is also numb. What do you think is going on? Thank you for your time and care.

Julio Garcia, MD ⋅ Staff ⋅ 6 months 6 days ago

injury to the mental nerve is a possibility, but the nerve, rather than cut, can also be stretched, or affected by the local anesthesia if used. If the nerve is cut or injured you could see that when you purse your lips or smile and look in the mirror. If it was injured by stretching, the function will return in time, but it can take a number of weeks depending on how badly stretched it was. I really have no answer for the upper lip numbness unless he injected the area where the nerves to the upper lip are, but I see no reason for that if the only incision was going to be submental. I think you should go back to the office and have them check everything for you.