Facelift Surgery

Thank you very much for answering my  question. I was surprised to read that you believe anesthtic would have assisted my dermatologist in this procedure. I asked if she planned to use local anesthetic when placing the threads, but she said she couldn'tc because the fluid would distort her visual field and that she needed to see the planes in which she was working. I have to say that it was excruciatingly painful, particularly as she pushed through the scar tissue. (To be honest, I wondered if she was deliberately torturing/punishing me for having had a facelift a decade ago. "This procedure is meant for people who have never had any surgery. You shouldn't be asking for this," she almost barked as she was placing the threads.)  Since she was so angry, I worked very hard to suppress my impulse to scream, though I didn't fully succeed; I didn't want to give her additional reason to complain or to abort the project. Based on your previous answer, I'll be sure to ask for lidocaine if I can find someone else to do this in the future. Thank you!


I am sorry you had to go through all of that. I wish you the best