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Hello again Dr.Garcia! I wrote to you another day about a surgery I'm about to do and my smoking habits. I appreciate your answer really much but now I got one more question. What other substances are dangerous relative to a surgery other than tobacco, nicotine, carbon monoxide? I will quit tobacco smoking but I wonder about herbal smokes, without nicotine and tobacco? Is that alright? Not for daily use but for blending my marijuana, at weekends for example? Does marijuana have nicotine in it? I hope you can answer this question as well. Thank you! 


Julio Garcia, MD ⋅ Staff ⋅ 7 months 18 hours ago

There is no nicotine in marijuana unless you smoke it as a blunt. Vaping does expose you to nicotine. As to other herbals that people smoke,such as hemp, there are alkilies in it but it is not nicotine exactly. Carbon monoxide is present and can cause problems, but it is only in the tobacco products.