I wonder if you might be able to speculate on why Julia Louis Dreyfus looks utterly amazing. We are the same age, and she looks easily 25 years younger than I. Of course, diet, exercise, genes, make-up, and money go a long way to improving a person's appearance, but what is your professional estimate about what she does cosmetically to look as young and beautiful as she does -- for as long as she has?


Celebrities that make large sums of money typically, as long as the avoid the premature aging items like smoking, sun, excessive alcohol and eating properly  do better than the average person as they can use good skin care product, enjoy frequent visits to the aesthetician, and have minimally invasive things done to keep their appearance looking better than most. Genetics and an individual's genetics are the largest influence. They also frequntly enjoy professional make up artists to enhance their appearance. In addition, magazines commonly will photoshop the images to make the celebrity look better. As to Julia, to be honest, I am not a fan so it is hard for me to be enamored by her appearance, I think the last time I saw her on screen was during the original Jerry Seinfeld series. I am sure she remains and attractive though.