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I see that you've answered a question like this for someone else, but I wasn't fully clear on your answer. Please forgive me for asking you a version of a question you've already answered! I  take statins. I know you say Cholestoff might be able to replace them if one eats well and exercises. But I'd like to know if taking Cholestoff  as well as the statins might increase their effect of lowering my LDL. That is, can I drop my LDL even more if I add Cholestoff to the 20 mg of atorvostatin that I'm already taking? Thank you for taking the time to share your medical knowledge with us!

Julio Garcia, MD ⋅ Staff ⋅ 5 months 3 weeks ago

The two work by different pathways so it is possible that you can lower your LDL using both. That is safer than adding red rice yeast as that has essentially statin-like properties and that I would not mix those two