Facelift Surgery

I had my dermatologist place Nova Threads--a significant improvement on the old barbed sutures-- in hte past month. I had a facelif t 9 years ago and don't need another right yet, but this made some significant, subtle improvements. She found it difficulty to place them due to the previous scar tissue and, though they were effective (though I know they are short-term), I would like to do it again when when these sutures resorb, since they address the peri-oral jowls. Unfoturntatly, the derm said she didn't feel ike doiing it again because it took her 15-20 minute to place the threads rather than the typical 5-10. She seemed to get angry with me and blamed this on on my "thick skin." Isn't thick skin the GOAL of all these rejuvniation treatments? Does her response (in reaction to the extra ten minutes it took her) seem unreasonable to you, particularly since this procedure achieved the results we were seeking? I felt is if  were somehow to "blame" for the difficulty she encountered, though she was ale to accomplish the result we wanted. Do you know others who successfully place these threse? (Note: This isn' the same things as the mch-tauted InstaLift, which is more extensive.) I am white of N. European/British descent, by the way.  Thank you.


I think it is quite unprofessional what the doctor did. Guess they want faster turnover to make more money. Should take care of each patient with whatever time period they need. The thickness is likely under the skin rather that in the skin itself. If you adequately numb the area with local anesthetic, that usually separates the tissue enough to place the threads. I do not have any names of doctors that do the threads, though, sorry. I personally do not do them, did many years ago and I have not personally tried the new ones. I wish you the best