When I reflect on my past year, I am so grateful to you. You gave me the gift of restored health, an ultimate gift from which all else is flowing. I have been the recipient of your medical talent, your kindness and generosity and I am filled with gratitude. 


Thank you all for taking such good care of me. You are all the best! See you soon.


Thank you, Dr. Garcia, for getting me past a big goal in my life, fixing my ears! They look great. I am very grateful that I have an aunt who has a great friend that can make amazing things happen for me. 


I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Garcia in Oct of 2013. I will say his staff and himself were very helpful and professional. I am very pleased with the results of my procedure. I would recommend any of my friends to him. He answered all my emails very quickly and was very comforting to the answers of my questions.

My experience with Dr. Garcia and his staff was great from the time I placed the initial phone call for my consult, all the way through to my post op follow up office visits. I felt comfortable in expressing what I would like to change about my nose and Dr. Garcia took the time to educate me in what the realistic expectations for my surgery were, and what could and could not be accomplished. I feel that this helped to contribute to my overall happiness with the surgery. The staff was welcoming, a video was shown prior to the consult, and they took the time to really educate me during the consultation. My expectations were far exceeded in regards to the care and the quality of work from start to finish. I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia. I am still an ongoing patient for dysport and restylane, because of the quality of care that I received.

I Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else”

I have never had a better doctor experience than with Dr. Garcia, he is there for you every step of the way. He is highly qualified and very talented. His office staff is extremely nice and helpful, very welcoming, which puts you at ease. Dr. Garcia and his staff make an excellent team. I highly recommend him and his office if you’re seeking any type of plastic surgery/injections/tattoo removal, I’ve done them all!

I am a 1st generation baby boomer who is intent on looking as good as I feel. I was introduced to Dr. Garcia when I was 55, a critical time in a baby boomers life. My intent was not to wait and see how I would look at 60 or 65, but to start my own path of graceful, prolonged ageing. I made the decision to take the first, and I do admit frightening, step. I called and made an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Garcia took me from an idea to a reality, and he supported me all the way. The approach taken by Dr. Garcia and his team turned my apprehension to excitement. Questions that were not anticipated were thoroughly answered. I was taken step by step through what to expect. I felt comfortable and totally confident that this was going to be the best thing I had ever done, just for myself.

Now, at 64, I can honestly tell you that no one believes my age. A once 55 year old baby boomer looks better than ever.

I truly cannot express my appreciation, admiration and gratitude for Dr. Garcia. He made my year and the rest of my years to come filled with so much love and happiness toward myself. I want to thank him and his staff for making me so happy.

I am writing you a small note to thank you for all you have done for me. You gave me hope and confidence. You’ve changed my world around and I owe it all to the best doctor ever, you! Keep doing what you are doing because you are changing lives each and every day and making happiness grow. Thank you for everything.

I love my new face and eyes! I have received so many compliments about looking younger, refreshed and rested. I feel so good about myself. I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for being there for me and always explaining everything to me so I would know exactly what to expect. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. I will be forever grateful.