For those looking to rid their bodies of unwanted pockets of fat, Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) might provide a possible remedy. It's one of the most frequently performed cosmetic operations around the world, and variants of this technique have become popular with those wanting to target stubborn fat deposits. While not a weight control method in and of itself, and not a substitute for traditional liposuction, when used in conjunction with liposuction, UAL can offer a way to contour areas of the body that haven proven to be problematic.

Why Consider UAL?

With some individuals, diet and exercise can help bring their weight to healthy levels and maintain it there, but, they might still have areas of the body where unwanted fat still resides. As mentioned previously, UAL isn't a weight-loss solution, but it can help redefine contours and improve your body shape in some instances. Candidates for who this procedure may work are those with:

  • A normal, healthy body weight.
  • Firm skin with good elasticity.
  • Stubborn pockets of excess fat.

The location of the fat pockets you want to eliminate might also play into whether or not you might consider the procedure. Generally, candidates for UAL will have excess breast tissue (for men) or stubborn fat on the hip, back, and abdomen. Fat on the knees and inner thighs might instead make traditional liposuction a better alternative.

If you fit the criteria, it might be an option worth considering. You'll need to prepare for the procedure, of course, which is where those seeking Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty in the Las Vegas area would do well to reach out to Dr. Julio Garcia.

Preparing For UAL

To prepare for UAL, you will consult with Dr. Garcia and discuss your specific aesthetic surgery goals. He will also help ascertain if UAL is the most appropriate procedure for helping you achieve said goals. During the consultation, Dr. Garcia might suggest additional treatment options, such as a tummy tuck or alternative body contouring procedures, depending on what you might need.

In the end, the choice is yours, and Dr. Garcia will assist in helping you getting ready for whatever surgeries you elect to have. He'll provide you with a detailed list of pre-surgical and post-surgical instructions that you should follow and offer information on what to expect from the procedure along with how to care for yourself both before and after. There may be specific medications that you'll need to stop taking beforehand, so be sure to review the instructions in their entirety. As UAL is generally an outpatient procedure, you may need a family member or close friend to drive you to and from your surgery.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, you should feel free to ask them during the consultation. One of the keys to a successful surgery is ensuring you know as much as possible beforehand.

Risks Involved With UAL

Like any surgery, UAL does come with certain risks. Dr. Garcia is an accomplished board-certified plastic surgeon, but, there is still the possibility that some complications could arise during the procedure. These risks, thankfully, are rare, however, you should still be aware of them. They include clotting, infection, excessive fluid loss, excessive fluid accumulation, skin injury, burning (from the ultrasound device), organ perforation or reactions to the anesthesia.

UAL has a history of success, having been performed on thousands of patients since 1991. However, the long-term effects of ultrasound energy are unknown, so you should be cognizant of that fact before undergoing the procedure. In addition, you should note that the surgery can sometimes require a larger incision, and thus, a produce a larger scar than traditional methods.

How The Procedure Works

You may have already discerned from the name that UAL makes use of ultrasonic energy (sound waves) to break down fat cells which are then removed from the body via vacuum. This differs from traditional procedures that don't incorporate ultrasonic energy, in which the fat is sucked from the body without first emulsifying it. The desired result is less traumatic procedure that will cause less damage to surrounding body tissue.

During your procedure, Dr. Garcia will first inject the treatment area with a saltwater solution containing anesthetic and adrenaline. Following that, Dr. Garcia will create an incision and insert a hollow metallic tube (a cannula) that is used to remove fat. A generator will send ultrasound energy through the cannula into the treatment area, helping to break down fat before it is sucked away. Dr. Garcia will then remove the combination of the emulsified fat and previously injected fluid using vacuum pressure.

The specific length of the procedure will vary from patient to patient, but, in general, you can expect UAL to take longer than traditional methodologies. You may experience bruising and swelling in the treatment area, however, that is normal and should begin to subside within a matter of days. As time progresses, you can expect that the UAL will have improved the targeted contour areas.

If you are ready to find out if UAL is the right treatment for you, call Julio Garcia, MD, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic today at (702) 870-0058 to schedule your body contouring consultation. We welcome patients throughout the Las Vegas area and throughout the world.

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