At Julio Garcia, MD, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we provide each patient with a high standard of low stress service in a friendly, family style atmosphere.

A Focused, Individualized Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

During your consultation, you can expect to be intently listened to and informed about your many plastic surgery options.

You will be warmly greeted by our staff and meet with a nurse to talk about your medical history and interest in plastic surgery. Then you will meet with Dr. Garcia to discuss your current cosmetic concerns and what you hope to achieve through plastic surgery. Dr. Garcia will conduct a medical exam if appropriate. You should plan to spend about an hour at our office to discuss procedures such as breast augmentation or facelift. Discussing less invasive procedures may take less time.

You can expect to have your questions answered and leave our office with all of the critical information about the procedures you are considering to help you make the best decision for you. Dr. Garcia gives each patient time to think over additional questions or concerns and return later or call back with more questions.

He recognizes that plastic surgery is not an interchangeable commodity. You are an individual with specific desires for your plastic surgery results. He will encourage you to take your time and think about your options, including getting other viewpoints from other surgeons.

Dr. Garcia will give you a true and honest appraisal of your choices, which may include considering a different procedure than the one you thought you might want. Surgical and non-surgical options will be discussed, and you will be given the information to make the decision about what is right for you.

A Relaxed Atmosphere

Our Las Vegas office feels more like a comfortable living space rather than a sterile office environment. We want you to feel at home here. An interior designer designed our office with your comfort in mind. Soothing music plays in each room. Large plasma screens display Dr. Garcia’s collection of artwork, and our welcome and waiting areas reflect a cozy, tropical environment.

To schedule your plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Garcia, please call (702) 870-0058 today. We welcome patients from Las Vegas and the surrounding communities, across the United States, and around the globe.

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